Vision | Do you see thru smoke?


Vision | Ability to truly see

The ability to see, is something that all creatures don’t have. Even if they have eyes.That’s right, just because you have eyes, doesn’t mean you CAN truly see. Sometimes your blinded by what’s right in front of you, the “shiny ball” is blinding you. Keeping you from your true destiny.

Sometimes you have to have a moment of clarity to truly see. Sometimes it takes a while and you still want to chase what you originally chased, others not so much.

Today, I had that moment of clarity. I decided to opt out. To not chase what will probably never happen. To stop taking up countless hours of my time pouring my heart and soul into a crazy dream, unless your at the top you cannot make any real money doing, listening to crazy webinar’s, listening to guys use the Lord’s name in vain. To be all boastful, to be so full of themselves that they are willing to sell their souls for a dollar.

Vision – can others see what I see?

Can they? Can I see what they do? Can they see what I do?

I think the answers to those questions are that my vision is my vision, their vision is theirs. We probably don’t see the same things, though I used to think I saw what they did. I think I was just fooling myself.

Vision |Final thoughts

Remember just because you have eyes, doesn’t MEAN you CAN truly see. Open your eyes, sit back and soak it in. Maybe then you will truly see what is right in front of you or you won’t. But, don’t make the hasty decision.









Lost | Do you ever feel lost?


Lost | Whats up?

So lately, I’ve felt blue, miffed, distracted, haunted, disenchanted and quite not my usual chipper self. Feeling a bit disenfranchised and maybe even a bit like it’s me against the world, sort of out of sorts and just “blah”.

Yup, this guy is feeling lost.

You see in the last year, I’ve really struggled and had struggles. I’ve endured yet another life changing surgery, which brought me another brush with death. All because of this wonderful, awesome genetic mutation and disease I have.

After surgery, I had to deal with continuous healthcare at my home because I couldn’t eat, I had a drain in my belly to drain fluid to prevent an abcess and going septic, which could lead to death quickly. Nearly lost my life, amazing I’m still here.

Then I got thru that, recouped and went back to work.

As if that wasn’t enough then suffered several bouts of pancreatitis. Yup. Massively painful and quite a pain in my a** literally and figuratively though the pain is actually all across my abdomen.

Lost | Continuing

So my health issues apparently weren’t enough for me to bear…………..then came having to deal with going back to work, then becoming unemployed. Yup, these “good Christian people” who claimed to give a s**t about me, “praying” for me and supporting me (without paying me mind you) then decided they could no longer support me because it no longer fit into THEIR agenda. That’s right. Losers.

Hypocrites is what I call them.Well they got their present the week of Thanksgiving. They had to file for bankruptcy. Karma’s bit them in the butt.

As if that’s not enough to keep and make me feel a bit lost, then we made it thru the Thanksgiving Holiday, into December. Trucking along……….

Wham-o. I lose my mother. Yup. Yet another blow. The hits keep on coming. Now, my mom hasn’t been the fixture of health, but, recently she has had excellent reports from the doctor’s and was doing excellent. 3 days after her last GREAT visit with her doctor, she was dead. Lost. That’s me.

Lost is what I am right now…

I am struggling a bit to find my way, feeling unsure and dazed, confused and bamboozled. I’m a survivor and usually find my way quickly, not this time though. Almost in a funk, for me of epic proportions. Can’t seem to get traction, find a foot hold and direction.

Soon enough, I’ll find my way. Get my path, my focus, my center and my direction. Until then I’ll remain a bit lost in the woods, wandering.


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Focus | What is it?

It could mean many different things, personal or business.

For me, it’s my center, my point of emphasis or my goal I’m going after or to achieve. Much in the same way both personal or business, just attack plans or different ways to achieve the end goal.

I’m sure we each have a different point of focus in our day to day lives, short term and long term. Much the same in business, our business has day to day, short term and long term goals. We have to also stay focused in pursuit of achieving the goals.

Focus | Where can you find it?

There are times when we are unsure where we can find it. We might be struggling and can’t see objectively ahead for any period of time, much less further than the immediate here and now. There are times when we need to do something to kickstart our mojo, to help us find our center or focus.

I’ve found that many people use many wide and varied ways to find theirs when they can’t seem to, or are struggling to keep it or have lost it. Sometimes the day to day challenges and obstacles deter us from staying on point, sometimes we are just flat overwhelmed and lose sight of the end goal and must refind our path or focus.

 Focus | How do you find it?

In as much as the where is wide and varied, so to is the how.

How I find my focus is a few ways that I know are my “goto” ways. I go for rides on my motorcycle, watching the sunrise or sunset. I walk on the beach or a mountaintop and watch the sunrise or sunset, I find it calm and relaxing and helpful if I’m off center. I also like to tune in to some music that’s in check with my mood to help.

I’m always amazed at just how people find theirs. It’s really unique and quite empowering once you figure out HOW to find yours when you seem to have lost your way.

Focus | Final thoughts

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of life, the highs and lows, the peaks and valleys and become distracted. It’s easy to lose what you had and took for granted, the beautiful thing is, if you are truly in tune with your mind and body you know what it takes to find your focus and how you can do it.

If your ever stuck in a rut, or have lost sight of what your goal or goals are and need to find your focus, I’d urge you to slow down and listen; bet you’ll find your way again if you truly want to.



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Respect | What is it?

I think before we start this brief discussion, we’ll define respect.

According to Wikipedia, “gives a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem”.

That’s a book definition, but, I’ll say this. Respect is a way of showing you give a crap or gave a crap, or hold a person or possesion or belief in high regard.

Respect | How to get it?

Just so there’s a quick, hard fact up front it’s something you earn and aren’t given. That’s how it is with me anyways. There are those who automatically given it, or give it freely. Which I suppose is true to a certain extent, I give as good as I get. If you don’t show it to me, I’m not going to outright show disrespect to you, nor will I judge you but rest assured I am more likely than not to not forget that. Meaning, if you don’t show me the same respect as I show you, without my having known you whatsoever, well, I will give you the same in return but you’ll still have a shot to earn mine, but, trust me I won’t forget your original attitude towards me and it might be harder to get respect from me.

Respect | How to show it?

There are many ways to show it. You can act with good sense, show a sense of high regard for the person or possession. You can not be a jackleg and act like a fool, or make a big scene about things in public.

A great way to show it, is exactly what took place this past weekend. We had my mother’s memorial service. There were a great deal of people there, some we NEVER had a clue might come, some we did. I was truly blown away by a few folks that showed up. They didn’t know my mother at all, yet out of respect for me they attended. They didn’t have to do that, they could have not come out, they would still have had my respect. Yet, they traveled a great distance and came. Humbling.

Respect | Final Thoughts

Look, here’s my final thoughts. I don’t have to necessarily like someone, I don’t have to agree with them but I can still have it for them, even if we don’t agree. I can agree to disagree. I may not like what they are saying, but, I can always appreciate their devotion or belief in what they believe or whatnot. Just remember, respect isn’t something you should give or take away easily, earn it both ways.


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Fraternities | What are Fraternities? fraternities

These basically refer to a brotherhood of like minded young men in college, an organized society of men associated together for companionship and brotherhood, ultimately it should be dedicated to the physical, social and intellectual development of it’s members. Plain and simple.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different fraternities across the globe. Some are social, some are intellectual in nature and are basically bestowed upon it’s members for reaching certain intellectual achievements.

The entire fraternal organizations existed as far back as ancient Greece! The development of the modern fraternal orders really exploded in the United States, interesting fact I found after research. In the early 20th century the number of members equaled the number of adult males; but if you think of this only about 50% of adult males belonged to any organization due to multiple memberships.

As I’d mentioned above each individual fraternity has unique attributes, some are more secretive in rituals than others, differing forms of admission, differing forms of initiation and each has it’s own unique rituals.

All of them are NOT like Animal House! fraternities

Fraternities | Why young men join?

The reasons males say they join fraternities go from anything from a need to fit in, to a need to belong, they are followers, they enjoy hanging out with other guys in the fraternity, they enjoy the intellectual stimulation, all sorts of reasons that are pretty wide and varied just like the number of actual fraternities out there. Some join simply to party and have a good time while in college, simply put.

Fraternities | My direct experience with them


I’m not by any stretch a ‘typical’ frat boy, in fact I dare say most of the guys who are members of my fraternity, alumni and current members, don’t fit the ‘typical’ frat boy image. We are just good guys, who like to have fun, for the most part are pretty laid back and easy going. Don’t mistake that to mean we don’t or didn’t party, oh no. We most certainly did that, maybe a bit too much but it all has made us who we are and we are none the worse for the wear.

I was a freshman on campus, not sure of the whole college experience yet. My sister introduced me to some guys who were part of different fraternities and a few who weren’t. I hung out with both, actually quite a few. I knew pretty easily which one was “me” more than the other and IF I was going to join which one that’d be.

I joined and have not regretted that decision. In fact, it truly has been a great thing. Some people look at fraternities as only being around while your in college, something you’ll only be active in while in school. Not so with TKE at Western Carolina University. I personally know some of the founders of our Chapter to some of the most recent members and a wide, varied mix in between. What a great network of friends, mentors and brothers that you have available thru fraternities.

Final Thoughts | What are fraternities about?

I can only comment from my personal experience, but, I’ll say this fraternities can be life long brotherhood, life long friends and people you can have in your life, for life. Terribly wordy maybe, but, it’s true. I am glad and proud to call my brothers, brothers. Fraternities today are different than they were even when I was in school in the late 80′s. If you are presented the opportunity to join a social fraternity, I say give it a good hard look. Fraternities can be for life, like anything else they are what you make of them.


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